Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Last Saturday the 17th Nov 2012 Pramo and I went to the Harvest festival @ Parramatta Park.
Here is the line up:

We saw Cake, Beck and Sigur Ros but I have to say Sigur Ros alone made the whole thing worthwhile. I have never seen Sigur Ros live and have only started to listen and love their music the last couple of years (yes, I know where the hell have I been?). The show was mesmerisingly beautiful with amazing lighting and great sound. They had 3 people on strings and 3 more on horns along with the Sigur Ros band members on stage.
The sound was turned up and the kick on the drum made my heart ache (in a good way). The crowd was captivated the entire hour and a half they were on stage and those epic 10+ minute songs made the time go very quickly.
It was one of the best shows I have seen and the concert was everything I love about their music and more. People were quite still, slowly swaying to the music, sometime listening with their eyes closed, immersing fully in the achingly beautiful sounds.
They played a few tracks from their new album which has a more rocky/heavy feel to it but I liked it straight away - must go an listen to it and see how I like it as a whole.

Here are some pics and clips from the concert (the sound is clipping due to the crappy camera phone)...
Setting up before Sigur Ros 1
Setting up before Sigur Ros 2
Sigur Ros on stage

Sigur Ros from Pramo's phone

Sigur Ros from someone else closer to the stage


Beck video

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